AP steel is an ISO 9001-2015  company, and manufacture high quality railway steel girders, heavy steel structure and pre-engineered buildings. We are incessantly crusading for innovation and want to enrich lives of the future generation. We reinforce flame of aspiration that shines towards more beautiful tomorrow. AP steel will move forward by creating harmony and prosperity in society and with constant technological development. Our roots are hold by the values and principle and this is the backbone for sustainable development.

In pursuit of consolidating future opportunities, we have established this ethical structure in the form of AP Steel. Infrastructural industry is dependent on shiny steel industry to construct destination of determination. Seeds of opportunity were sown and tree of AP Steel are giving sweet fruits and honeyed flowers. AP steel is specialized in railway steel girder manufacturing, heavy steel and pre-engineer building services. Our motto is “Swift services with zilch flaws.” We are driven by action and followed by growth. We will be voyager for allied business activities and domestic steel industry.


We aspire to be the best, so we impart commitment at every level of organization and it will reflect in our achievements and success and in our products. TQM (Total Quality Management) is in the blood of AP steel in every aspect, be it railway steel girder, heavy steel or pre-engineered building. We follow certain mechanical parameters for testing.  We are making continual effort to create safe and healthy work place for our employees. We believe in Cutting edge technology and we witness the novelty and incredibility in steel industries.

AP Steel is evincing a complete management system in which trust, communication, and harmony will work in synergy. We are having shared growth and mutual trust with our customers. We have dream of establishing best corporate structure at our work place. We ought to find solution of traditional problem of this industry from modern technology. We are making continual effort to create safe and healthy work place for our employees.

Quality assurance Where experience and expertise co-exists.

Management   Our employees are our real strength.

Cutting edge technology Witness the novelty and incredibility in steel technology.

Synonym for Superior quality and better relation.

Philosophy Driven by action followed by growth.

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Cargo shipment process

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